Australia at Glance

Australia is often referred to as the “Lucky Country”, with its spacious surroundings, high standard of living, excellent health and education system, temperate climate, wide and varied landscape, political and economic stability, and a general quality of life envied by many around the world.

The appeal of Australia is evident in the large number of people who migrate under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Migration Program every year. Australia’s strong economic performance over the last decade is clearly seen through its economic growth, low inflation, low unemployment and low interest rates. The Australian economy is open and competitive, aided by a dynamic private sector and a skilled, flexible workforce.

In these larger cities there is a wide range of housing available. House architecture has been based predominantly on European and American styles, but modern housing is distinctly Australian. There are terrace houses and ‘Queenslanders’… with the styles based on the weather and lifestyle of the particular region.

Australia’s education system is overseen by a national body, to ensure a consistent standard of quality education is maintained through all states and territories.

Australian’s believe that education is part of their children’s birthright, so community involvement in monitoring the standard of education is very high. Both girls and boys are encouraged to reach the same high level of education through formal learning.

You may find the system of teaching and school discipline very different in Australia. Less importance is placed on the outward discipline and memorising practiced in many countries. Instead, the emphasis here is on self-discipline, learning through understanding, and generally encouraging a child’s enthusiasm for learning.

Australia has one of the better health care systems in the world. It is widely accessible to all who reside in the country.

All Australian permanent residents pay a Medicare levy (an additional tax) to fund the public health system. This entitles them to free or subsidised services by medical practitioners and public hospital care.

There is also an extensive private health system, for those wishing to pay an additional fee to receive extra benefits for optical, physiotherapy and dental treatment when they use private health care services.

Multicultural Population

Just as the land is diverse, so are the people. Some of the population was born outside of Australia and have ethnic ties with over 140 countries. This melting pot of cultures range from the indigenous groups, to early European settlement, particularly the UK and Ireland, to immigration from countries across the globe, including Italy, Greece, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesian, India and Sri Lanka.

Live and Work in Australia

Due to growth in Australian economy and shortage of skilled workers the Australian Government seeks Skilled workers to live and work in Australia.

Extremely good chance of securing employment

Australian Government statistics confirms 89% of Skilled Independent visa holders gain employment within first 6 months and 92% within 18 months.

Gain Australian Permanent Resident, with full work rights for you (and your partner)!