Why Use Us?


bhjmigration Services

are a company that provides migration and visa assistance to individuals and businesses that are moving to Australia. However, we don’t stop there, as our services go beyond what most migration consultancies provide – we can offer, with a wide range of information and links to subjects that are relevant to a move to Australia including visas, tax and financial planning, businesses for sale, shipping, houses, schools, telecoms, and many more.

We Will Maximise your chances of migrating to Australia

We know you have a choice – you might be considering applying for your visa without using an advisor, or you might have approached other agents to discuss helping with your application.

We will tell you if we honestly believe you do not have a basis for progressing with a visa application – we are not in the business of taking money under false pretences.

Our Premium Migration Service will include:

Stage One: Detailed Assessment – We will collect, examine and assess all the necessary information and documentation necessary for your application; inform you of the likelihood of success; and advise you of any factors which may increase the prospect of a successful application.

Stage Two: Pre-Application Stage – Every visa type has specific requirements which need to be fulfilled before a valid application can be made. We will determine the necessity of these various requirements particular to your selected visa type and personal circumstances. We will work in consultation with you to prepare all applications for the relevant authorities; monitor their progress and advise you of the outcome of your assessments.

Stage Three: DIBP(*) Application Submission – We will review all the material provided by you; and prepare and lodge your Immigration Application to EOI(*) as well as DIBP.

Stage Four: The Decision – We will closely monitor your application until a decision on your specific case is made by DIBP. We will keep you updated every step of the way and inform you of the result of your application with DIBP.

In Summary, with the knowledge of the migration procedures and practices, our registered migration agency will advise and suggest strategies to:

make best use of your chances of a successful application;

  • lessen delay and your expenses;
  • diminish your time consuming & complexity of the Migration Act and the Migration Regulations;
  • provision of relevant information for each subclass and the related documents and the application forms;
  • stress-free preparation and certification of documents;
  • planning and counsel for assessments of the professional skill/ nominated occupation etc;
  • locking up of the application to the specific department offices;
  • be the channel of communication with the responsible authority on your behalf;
  • arrangement of any additional documents required by the authority;
  • appeal of unfavourable decision on the application (if applicable);
  • provide advice in relation to post-arrival settlement issues.

(*) Abbreviation:

DIBP   :   Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
                 External Resource, please click here
EOI     :   Express of Interest.